Tyreek Hill sets eyes on achieving feat in 2023 that no player has ever achieved

Hill aims to put up major numbers in 2023.

by Dzevad Mesic
Tyreek Hill sets eyes on achieving feat in 2023 that no player has ever achieved

Miami Dolphins star wide receiver Tyreek Hill believes it is possible for him to become the first-ever player to collect 2000 receiving yards in a single season. Hill, who is widely considered one of the best wideouts in the game, posted 1710 receiving yards in 2022.

For Hill, it was his career-high receiving yards numbers. Justin Jefferson, a Minnesota Vikings All-Pro wide receiver, led the league in receiving yards in 2022 with a total of 1809. Going into the 2023 season, Hill thinks Jefferson's presence is also helping him.

"Oh yeah, for sure. I think the added game gives me quite the advantage, so yeah," Hill told Pro Football Network.

Hill on how he can reach 2000 receiving yards in a single season

In 2012, former Detroit Lions star Calvin Johnson came very close to topping the 2000 receiving yards - he currently owns a record 1964 receiving yards.

Hill believes staying healthy and playing in all game will be the key for him in 2023. "For me, not getting injured, coming in each and every day wanting to get better, wanting to be coached. And I feel like I've got the right tools around me.

I've got obviously the most accurate quarterback in the NFL, I've got one of the best head coaches in the NFL, and also my position coach is a monster also. So just having those three things and me just keeping the same mindset each and every day that I want to get better and I want to break the record, and I do want to break the record.

So I feel like this is one of those years that I can achieve it," Hill explained. Also, Hill noted he needs Dolphins starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to stay healthy. “I’m really hoping that Tua wants to go back to Hawaii because that way, I can sneak a vacation in with the family and also get some work in,” Hill noted.

Tyreek Hill