Ex-Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore delivers major praise on Dak Prescott

Moore reflects on his time with Prescott.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ex-Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore delivers major praise on Dak Prescott

Kellen Moore offered some very high praise for Dak Prescott, saying the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is "the best leader I have been around." Moore, who is the offensive coordinator with the Los Angeles Chargers, spent several years with Prescott before departing from the Cowboys earlier this year.

After being Prescott's teammate in 2016 and 2017, Moore retired from pro football. But after retiring, Moore stayed with the Cowboys as he was first the quarterbacks coach before becoming the team's offensive coordinator. Even though Moore and Prescott didn't land a Super Bowl together, Moore has nothing but positive to say of Prescott.

Moore speaks extremely highly of Prescott

"The best person. I think the best leader I've ever been around, easily. And in all honesty, player or coach or anything. I think his ability to connect with a team in all spectrums is rare and I've never seen it in any other way.

His work ethic, his command, I think he's incredible. We've all been through that Dallas journey and he has a phenomenal way of being able to deal with probably more than your average NFL starting quarterback. And he handles it beautifully.

He's certainly a guy you forever root for," Moore said on The Peter Season with Peter Schrager podcast. Moore, 34, is considered one of the brightest offensive minds in the NFL. Moore's style of running offense did lead to the Cowboys putting up strong numbers but it didn't lead to a Super Bowl win.

In the end, that was pretty much the biggest reason why the Cowboys moved on from Moore after the 2022 season ended. In 2023, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy plans to take over the offensive play-calling responsibilities. McCarthy has already indicated that the Cowboys will have a more balanced offense in 2023 and that they won't be in a rush to score points. It will be interesting to see if this philosophy will lead to success for Prescott and company.

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