New York radio legend Mike Francesa destroys Jets in shocking rant

Francesa doesn't want the Jets on Hard Knocks this summer.

by Dzevad Mesic
New York radio legend Mike Francesa destroys Jets in shocking rant

Legendary New York radio host Mike Francesa ripped the New York Jets over their highly-expected Hard Knocks appearance but the Jets aren't really guilty of what Francesa is accusing them. This offseason, the Jets have been one of the most active teams - most notably landing star quarterback Aaron Rodgers in free agency.

After adding Rodgers and several other Rodgers' past teammates from Green Bay, the Jets are expected to be featured in this year's Hard Knocks edition. The Jets have indicated that they do not want to be featured in Hard Knocks but they don't really have a choice if the NFL picks them since they didn't make the playoffs in 2022.

But Francesa still proceeded to absolutely rip the Jets as if they are vouching for themselves to be the team selected for Hard Knocks.

Francesa rips the Jets

“If the Jets are thinking about [‘Hard Knocks’] in this season, with what they are hoping to accomplish, with what they are going to deal with in terms of attention, this is already, to me, a colossal mistake by ownership, general manager, head coach, whoever had input into this.

If you have decided to open your training camp and your development time this year to ‘Hard Knocks,’ they are complete fools. That is the worst thing they can do right now. They don’t need publicity. They are going to have to turn them away; they are going to get so much media attention.

I can’t believe they could even be considering this. It is as bad of a decision as they could possibly make, and it scares me going forward that they will continue to make mistakes. Because ya know what? I don’t know yet whether the Jets or especially the coaching staff is ready for what it means to have Aaron Rodgers in the building.

This would already be a step that tells me that they don’t. I have very high hopes for this team and Rodgers’ performance; this would be a colossal mistake,” Francesa said his Mike Francesa Podcast, via The New York Post.

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