Jets star WR Garrett Wilson shares what he really thinks of Aaron Rodgers

Wilson and Rodgers will be the focal points of the Jets' offense in 2023.

by Dzevad Mesic
Jets star WR Garrett Wilson shares what he really thinks of Aaron Rodgers

New York Jets star wide receiver Garrett Wilson is describing Aaron Rodgers as "a great dude" and someone from whom he wants to learn. Wilson, 22, had Zach Wilson, Mike White and Joe Flacco as his quarterbacks in 2022 but still managed to put up great numbers and be named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

Now, Wilson is set to work with one of the most talented quarterbacks in NFL history. “Aaron is a great guy. He’s a great dude. I just want to learn as much as possible. He knows that. He knows all of us grew up watching him play.

The way he carries himself is like you’d expect. He’s a champion, he’s a former champion, he’s a great player, all-time great and he carries himself as such. So, it’s been great to be around him, for sure," Wilson said on SiriusXM NFL.

Wilson doing his best to develop chemistry with Rodgers

Rodgers, 39, is a four-time NFL MVP and he has played with numerous talented and great wideouts throughout his career. Rodgers certainly knows how to get the best out of his weapons and Wilson is eager to quickly develop chemistry with his new star quarterback.

“When you have a new signal-caller coming in and new quarterback, you just want to be able to get those reps and bookmark certain routes together. And we got a chance to do that. It was awesome to be able to throw with him and go against a defense with him leading the charge and see how he sees the defense and spend time with him in the film room — all those things.

The culmination of all those things hopefully leads to our success down the road. We’re going to try to keep building upon that. We have a small sample size together, but we feel like we took full advantage of the time we did have together.

That’s all we could do," Wilson said. In 2023, there will be lots of attention on the Jets. In order for the Jets to have success in 2023, they will certainly need Wilson and Rodgers to step up and deliver.

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