Sean Payton asked about Aaron Rodgers' harsh criticism

Rodgers slammed Payton over his comments on Jets OC Nathaniel Hackett.

by Dzevad Mesic
Sean Payton asked about Aaron Rodgers' harsh criticism

Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton refused to get into it with Aaron Rodgers when asked about the criticism received from the New York Jets quarterback. Last week, Payton's comments on Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett went viral when he said that Hackett's job with the Broncos in 2022 "might have been one of the worst coaching jobs in NFL history." When Rodgers was asked about Payton's comments, he called the new Broncos coach "insecure" and told him directly to "keep my coaches' names out of his mouth." “No.

We’re past it," Payton said when asked to address the criticism from Rodgers, via NFL Network's James Palmer.

Payton refuses to get into it with Rodgers

After being fired by the Broncos, Hackett agreed to become the offensive coordinator for the Jets. Rodgers, who was traded to the Jets this offseason, previously spent several seasons with Hackett in Green Bay.

Rodgers has a good relationship with Hackett and he unloaded on Payton after hearing his comments. "I love Nathaniel Hackett. Those comments were very surprising, for a coach to do that to another coach. My love for [Hackett] goes deep.

We had some great years together in Green Bay, kept in touch. Love him and his family. He's an incredible family man, an incredible dad. On the field, he's arguably my favorite coach I've ever had in the NFL. His approach to it, how he makes it fun, how he cares about the guys, just how he goes about his business is with respect, with leadership, with honesty, with integrity and it made me feel bad that someone who has accomplished a lot in the league is that insecure that they have to take another man down to set themselves up for some sort of easy fall if it doesn't go well for that team this year.

Thought it was way out of line, inappropriate and I think he needs to keep my coaches' names out of his mouth," Rodgers said when asked about Payton's comments.

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