Robert Saleh warns Jets rushers after Aaron Rodgers injury scare in practice

Rodgers briefly exited the field during Saturday's practice.

by Dzevad Mesic
Robert Saleh warns Jets rushers after Aaron Rodgers injury scare in practice

New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh warned his rushers to stay off Aaron Rodgers after the star quarterback suffered a brief injury scare during a training camp practice. On Saturday, edge rusher Jermaine Johnson made an unintended contact with Rodgers and stepped on the quarterback's pinky toe.

Rodgers briefly exited the field and was replaced by Zach Wilson. Fortunately for everyone involved, it wasn't anything serious and Rodgers was given the green light to return to the field a few snaps later. “We do it all the time.

Stay off the quarterback. Respect the quarterback. Every player knows how important those quarterbacks are, but stay up, stay off them. It goes without saying, but you’re always going to try to make it a point of emphasis," Saleh said, via the team's website.

Coach Saleh warns Jets rushers to stay off Rodgers

On Thursday, the Jets played against the Cleveland Browns in the Hall of Fame Game. Expectedly, Rodgers didn't suit up as the Jets didn't want to risk the quarterback getting injured in a preseason game.

During the game, Rodgers appeared on NBC's broadcast and talked about how it feels to be with the Jets. "I love our team. I love our guys. I love the men and women that work for the organization. It's a really fun environment. That's what you've got to do for a big-time change in your life.

You can resist it or jump in and surrender to the process. It's a lot of fun being around these young guys and being around a team that's really hungry, that had some success last year but finished rough. Robert [Saleh]'s done an incredible job of putting a staff together, to encourage and push these guys and hold them accountable.

I'm just a cog in that wheel. I know my role, and it's an important one, but I'm excited that football's back and it's an exciting time of the year," Rodgers told Mike Tirico and Cris Collinsworth during NBC's broadcast.

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