Brutally honest Jimmy Garoppolo confesses how he felt when 49ers drafted Trey Lance

In 2021, the 49ers selected Lance and Garoppolo knew his days in San Francisco were outnumbered.

by Dzevad Mesic
Brutally honest Jimmy Garoppolo confesses how he felt when 49ers drafted Trey Lance

Jimmy Garoppolo admits the 2021 season was "real awkward" after the San Francisco 49ers drafted Trey Lance. In the 2021 NFL draft, the 49ers moved up in the draft to take quarterback Lance as the third-overall pick. When that happened, Garoppolo knew his days with the 49ers were outnumbered.

But the 49ers decided to keep Garoppolo for one more season and Garoppolo played the entire 2021 season knowing he was about to be traded after the season ends. But after Garoppolo underwent surgery on his shoulder in 2022 March, other teams backed away from trading for Garoppolo and the veteran quarterback surprisingly stayed in San Francisco for one more year.

This offseason, the inevitable split happened as Garoppolo is now a member of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Garoppolo on the 'real awkward' situation after the 49ers drafted Lance

"Yeah, the (2021 season) was real awkward. That was tougher than this past year, honestly.

You’re always gonna be dealt a hard hand at some point, and you’ve just got to make the best of it, and that’s what I’ve tried to do. That was a hard time. But I had some good people around me to lean on.

The brothers in the locker room, those guys played a big role. I don’t think the fans always saw all that stuff, but those guys really picked me up when I was down sometimes," Garoppolo recalled. After the 2022 season ended, the Raiders moved on from Derek Carr, who was their starting quarterback since 2014.

Garoppolo, 31, is now that guy in Las Vegas and the veteran quarterback admits he is excited about the new chapter of his career. "There's a little bit of a buzz going on. You can feel it. It's just refreshing. New start and everything; new group of guys; new coaches. We've kind of started to find our stride a little bit, and we've been flowing," Garoppolo said.

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