Joel Bitonio claims Deshaun Watson received 'cheap shots' from Eagles

The Browns are conducting joint practices with the Eagles this week.

by Dzevad Mesic
Joel Bitonio claims Deshaun Watson received 'cheap shots' from Eagles

Cleveland Browns guard Joel Bitonio claims the Philadelphia Eagles took some "cheap shots" at Deshaun Watson and other Browns players. This week, the Browns and Eagles are conducting joint practices. According to Bitonio, Eagles defensive end Josh Sweat knocked the ball out of Watson's hand as if it was a strip-sack.

In training camp and joint practices, there is an unwritten rule that states nobody is touching quarterbacks. "You're not supposed to that," Bitonio said, via

Bitonio: The Eagles took shots at Watson, other Browns players

"We're going into this week trying to get better in practice and work and sometimes there are some cheap shots and things like that where you want to defend yourself.

I don't know the exact situation, but there were a couple shots today where we're trying to make sure we're getting the best out of practice and not fighting. But it was just a little heated second day. It always gets a little bit more fired up," Bitonio said.

Bitonio acknowledged the Browns do not want to fight during joint practices but noted there will probably be moments when the things get heated a little bit. “We don’t want to fight out here. We want to get better and when two teams are competing, things are going to get fired up.

So it happens. But coach tried to calm us down and when he has the offense and their defense, we try and control those situations," Bitonio said. On Thursday, the Eagles will be hosting the Browns in their second preseason game.

Last week, the Browns lost on their home field to the Washington Commanders in their preseason opener. On the other side, the Eagles suffered a loss to the Baltimore Ravens on the road. When the Eagles and Browns meet on Thursday, one of the teams will be getting its first win of the preseason.

It remains to be seen if there will be any heated moments during the game after reports of the Eagles taking cheap shots at the Browns.

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