Rob Gronkowski hints at one coach that could potentially lure him out of retirement

Gronkowski, 33, retired from football for the second time last June.

by Dzevad Mesic
Rob Gronkowski hints at one coach that could potentially lure him out of retirement

Rob Gronkowski has indicated that New York Giants head coach Brian Daboli is the coach who has the best chance at luring him out of retirement. Gronkowski, 34, retired from football for the second time in 2022 June. "[New York Giants head coach] Brian Daboll wants me on his roster, I know it," Gronkowski said on Up & Adams.

Gronkowski, a former four-time First-Team All-Pro tight end, said he is "washed up" but "still loves to pretend" that he can play when asked how big of a window there is for his return. "I love to pretend that I can still play.

It makes me feel good. But no, I can't – I'm washed up. But I just like to pretend," Gronkowski said. When asked who has the best chance to make him consider returning to pro football, Gronkowski answered "Brian Daboli." But then, Gronkowski said.

"He can't get me out of retirement, but he would have the best chance to get me out of retirement."

Gronkowski on the possibility of playing alongside Darren Waller

In the offseason, the Giants traded for star tight end Waller.

If Gronkowski decided to come out of retirement and join the Giants, Big Blue would have two star tight ends on their roster. When asked about the possibility of lining up alongside Waller, Gronkowski appeared to be very intrigued and excited.

"That would be pretty wild. I always believe that having two tight ends; it makes the defense have the most difficult times. If you have two tight ends, I think that could make the offense unstoppable. And it's rare if you go back to my days when I had another tight end with me, it just makes the offense prolific, unstoppable, it gives you so many more options in the run game and the pass game and play action," Gronkowski said. In total, Gronkowski played 11 seasons in the NFL and won four Super Bowls.

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