Dak Prescott weighs in on how Tony Pollard will replace Ezekiel Elliott in 2023

Prescott asked about the Cowboys' running back situation.

by Dzevad Mesic
Dak Prescott weighs in on how Tony Pollard will replace Ezekiel Elliott in 2023

Dak Prescott described Tony Pollard as "a perfect pro" and "a hell of a player" as he is tipping the 26-year-old to do well in his position of being the Dallas Cowboys' No 1 running back. This offseason, the Cowboys decided to cut Ezekiel Elliott and move on from the player who was their running back No 1 since 2016.

With Elliott out of Dallas, Pollard is set to be the Cowboys' running back No 1 in 2023. Pollard, a fourth-round selection by the Cowboys in the 2019 NFL draft, did pretty well in his role as the Cowboys' No 2 running back in recent years.

But in 2023, Pollard is set to have a bigger role and the Cowboys will rely more on the running back they drafted in 2019. Prescott, who has been the Cowboys' starting quarterback since 2016, believes Pollard is "going to have a huge year."

Prescott voices support for Pollard

"He's [Tony Pollard] been the same guy since he was drafted, and the year he was drafted [2019] was the year Zeke held out.

Being able to come in then and have such a huge role early in training camp to take all the reps, to pass protect, and to essentially be an every-down back in his first training camp to when Zeke came back, they could get into a duo-tandem type of back rotation.

Now, him being able to take this step and have the starting role, he's a true professional. He takes care of his body, he leads by example, and he's the perfect pro for guys to watch his approach. Even coming off of an injury, you don't even think about that, and it's a credit to how he approached his rehab and how he goes about his game.

TP is a hell of a back, a hell of a player, and he's going to have another huge year," Prescott said of Pollard, via CBS Sports.

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