Lamar Jackson's 40-yard dash: How quick is speedy Ravens quarterback?

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Lamar Jackson's 40-yard dash: How quick is speedy Ravens quarterback?

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is one of the most unique quarterbacks in the league as his main ability is not throwing the football. Jackson can throw the ball well but his agility and speed are the most impressive thing about him.

When he ran a 40-yard dash, it showed he needed 4.34. But Jackson said when he ran 4.34 the circumstances were not ideal and he could run quicker than that. Jackson didn't run the 40 at the NFL Combine or but there are timed runs of his 40-yard dash.

Before the 2018 NFL draft, Jackson recorded a 4.34-second 40-yard sprint on a Speed Day organized by Louisville.

Jackson not focused on the extension yet

After the Ravens' 2021 season ended, Jackson said his main goal was to get his health back.

"We haven't talked about it [a contract extension] yet," Jackson said. "Man, I got to worry getting back right, right now, and getting ready for this offseason." Jackson wanted to play in the Ravens' final regular season but the Ravens didn't allow him because they didn't want to risk him potentially further injuring his right knee.

"I wanted to play," Jackson said. "But they shut me down because they said I had that limp. They didn't want me to go out there and hurt myself more. I wanted to play, but I just couldn't." Jackson wants to get the team together and have a strong offseason.

"[I want to] try to get those guys all in one unit be together so we can have a real team bonding," Jackson said. "We can start fresh to this upcoming season. I feel like we didn't have that throughout the season. We had everything else, but we didn't have that team bonding coming out of the building. We're going home. I feel like we need to bond more, and it will take a toll over on the season."