The Los Angeles Chargers happy with 2021 despite missing out on the playoffs

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The Los Angeles Chargers happy with 2021 despite missing out on the playoffs

Los Angeles Chargers general manager Tom Telesco was happy with the team's 2021 season despite them missing out on the playoffs. After suffering a 35-32 overtime loss to the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 18, the Chargers finished the year with a 9-8 record and missed out on the playoffs.

"I don't think a lot about job security," Telesco said, per ESPN. "I think that there's a lot there to be proud of with this football team and how they play. I understand that people want results right now, and they should have results right now, but this team is different than the team a couple of years ago.

I'm just focused on 2021 and then getting better for 2022."

Telesco happy with the Chargers' identity

The Chargers became recognizable for gamblins on fourth downs this year. "I love the identity that we play with. I know, on the outside, that not everyone may agree with how we play, but it's who we are, and I love it," Telesco said.

"That's what we are, and that's the way that we're going to play moving forward. You know what you get with us; we're going to play aggressive -- it's not reckless. "All of these decisions, even though they're made in real-time, there's research involved in it prior to the game." The Chargers' offense played well but it was the defense that struggled throughout the year.

"It just didn't come along as quickly enough, on defense, as I thought it would," Telesco said. "We had a lot of stretches this year that the players that are out there did some pretty good things, but we weren't consistent enough by any means.

We have to take a good look at that, and we have to get better, there's no doubt about that. "Some of it is alignment, assignment and technique. Some of it is personnel, and some of it is just being in the first year of the defense."