Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expresses his frustration with Amari Cooper

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expresses his frustration with Amari Cooper

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has expressed his frustration with wide receiver Amari Cooper. Cooper signed a five-year, $100 million contract with the Cowboys and that made him the highest-paid wide receiver in 2021. Cooper didn't have the expected numbers this season as he wasn't even the leading receiver on his team.

Cooper tied for 39th in receptions (68), 34th in receiving yards (865) and tied for 37th in points among non-kickers (eight touchdowns). “How he fits in and he should take half the field with him when he goes and runs the field,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via Mark Lane of WFAA.

“Not half, that’s an exaggeration, of course, but a whole bunch of that defense should have to honor Cooper. He ought to be able to catch it when they’re going in the middle with him. Others do. You throw to people that are covered all the time in the NFL”.

Cooper could end up getting cut by the Cowboys

“The reason those contracts are being discussed is because they have two sides to them; one’s got it coming and the other’s got to pay it,” Jones said.

”And the one that’s got it coming is going to go out and perform usually to the level of the contract. That’s usually the way I think about those contracts”. Before the start of the playoffs, Cooper expressed his frustration over lack of targets.

“I really know that, if given the opportunity, I can lead the league in all categories,” Cooper conveyed to reporters on Wednesday, January 5, via The Athletic. “That’s just how I feel about my skill set that I’ve been blessed with.

Obviously that’s a goal of mine. But it’s just like basketball. If you want to make a hundred 3s, you got to shoot over a hundred. It’s the same with me. “If I want to catch a hundred balls, I’ve got to have those targets, and that’s not really in my control. You know what I mean? I just play my part”.