Antonio Brown trolls the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after a playoff loss (PIC)

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Antonio Brown trolls the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after a playoff loss (PIC)

Wide receiver Antonio Brown trolled the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after their heartbreaking playoff loss. On Sunday, the Buccaners were beaten by the Los Angeles Rams at Raymond James Stadium. Brown, who was released by the Buccaneers after storming off the field in Week 17 against the New York Jets, shared a meme on Twitter, trolling his former team.

The Buccaneers were 27-3 down midway through the third quarter but worked their way back into the game as they tied the game at 27-27 with less than a minute to go in the game.

Just when it seemed that the Buccaneers would create a historic comeback, Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford found Cooper Kupp for a 44-yard gain that gave the Rams a chance to kick a game-winning field goal. Rams kicker made the field goal and the Rams progressed into the NFC Championship Game.

Brown: Everything is fine with my mental health

Brown adamantly claims he was told to leave the game and that's the reason why he stormed off the field. "Everyone in the world got a different form of reactions of what happened to me.

And it's all based upon where you from, how you feel, and no one really gonna know that regardless of who you is," Brown said on the I Am Athlete podcast. "The thing with football players, mental health and CTE is this: These guys are willing to do whatever it take to make some obligated gain.

But in the midst of those gains, along that journey, they're being mistreated, there's a lot of stuff that went on that may not have been handled right. "And then you started your career on a high. It's like a roller coaster.

You go up, and then as soon as it 'bout to go down, everyone leave. ... If we all players and we all saying we care about mental health, why every time something happens bad or someone reacts, 'Aw, he's crazy, there's something wrong with his mental health,'" Brown asked.

"There's nothing wrong with my mental health. Someone told me, 'Get the f--- out of here.' I'm not passive-aggressive."