Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady: A farewell tour would be distracting

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady: A farewell tour would be distracting

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady suggests he will return only if he feels he is able to fully commit to what his team needs from him. Brady, 44, has one yet left on his contract but there is no guarantee he will return for the 2022 season.

"Every year I just have to make sure that I have the ability to commit to what the team really needs, and that's really important to me," Brady said, per ESPN. "The team doesn't deserve anything less than my best. And if I feel like I'm not committed to that, or I can't play at a championship level, then you gotta give someone else a chance to play.

And, you know, we'll see. There's a long time between now and the start of next football season. I've gotta really figure those things out, which is probably natural for anyone. And at the same time, I would say this, we never know what's gonna happen in the future.

We really don't. I mean, Kobe Bryant, a friend of ours, God rest his soul. You think you're gonna live forever. We're not. We think we're gonna play forever. We're not. What can we do? We can enjoy the moments that we have."

Brady's Buccaneers beaten in the divisional round

The Los Angeles Rams beat the Buccaneers 30-27 in the divisional round this past weekend.

Brady made it clear that he wouldn't like to have a farewell tour because that would be a distraction for him. "I think that would be distracting for me. ... My enjoyment comes from not a recognition of kind of what I've accomplished as a player in the league -- my enjoyment comes from the competition," Brady said.

"More so than anything, even yesterday, I was thinking about competing. I was thinking about, this whole year, about competing. I wasn't thinking about anything other than that. "So when the time comes to think about post-career and second career, I'll think about those things.

It's just when you're 44, I guess you get asked about that a lot. And a lot of people thought I was done playing football in 2015. A lot of people in 2016 said, 'You're done.' A lot of people in 2018, and when I left the Patriots, they said, 'You're done.' "