Robert Woods speaks on Super Bowl: "Oh man, I wish I was out there"

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Robert Woods speaks on Super Bowl: "Oh man, I wish I was out there"

Despite the difficult moments he experienced, ie after the death of his father, Robert Woods appeared at the SoFi Stadium to congratulate the LA Rams. The encounter looked quite emotional “They were all just, ‘Come here, Ro, we’re not worried about all that,’" Woods recalled, as quoted by foxsports “It meant so much for my teammates just being there for me.

They have so much going on with the football and the Super Bowl, and they just stayed supportive and included me”. Robert Woods is not happy about this because he will not be playing in the playoffs, but he is still aware that he has already played an important role in this story.

“I could sit here and mope about it and say, ‘Oh man, I wish I was out there,'” Woods said. “'The team is winning a Super Bowl ring without me.’ But I’m a part of this. ... It’s almost like flipping it." "You’re like, ‘You’re right, the team wouldn’t be here without some of the plays I made, some touchdowns, blocking.’ Yeah, I didn’t play all 17, but I’m a part of this championship team.

Hopefully we win it. But there’s going to be a stone in there for me, for my work. We’re all going to be a part of this. We’re all going to get a part of that ring”.

Player and coach on Robert Woods

His teammate, Matthew Stafford had only words of praise for his teammate “When I think about him, I think about the toughness,” Stafford said.

“I think about the attention to detail. I think about unselfishness, and I think about all of the things that we talk about as a team that we want to be. That’s bottled up into one person”. It is obvious that in addition to his teammates, he has great support from the coach “You don't ever replace a player like Robert,” the coach said.

“Figuring out the identity that we want to operate with on a weekly basis has been fluid, to say the least”.

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