Kelly Stafford on Super Bowl, marital difficulties and children

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Kelly Stafford on Super Bowl, marital difficulties and children

Kelly Stafford is a person who is active on social media and we can often see her support her husband during the most important times. This time too, and she hopes his team will eventually win the final “The main time I love with him is before he leaves every morning, he’ll come over and just give me a kiss, and we’ll talk for, I don’t know, two minutes,’’ she said.

“But it’s meaningful. “ 'All right, here we are, middle of the week, this is it, baby. You got this. Have an incredible day. Let me know what you need if there’s anything I can do from home, and I’ll send you photos of the girls.'


Kelly Stafford on daughters and husband

Kelly Stafford, the wife of famous NFL quarterback Matthew Stafford, is aware of how big the game awaits the LA Rams “It’s a big week for everybody right now,’’ Kelly said.

In addition to his wife, his girls are one of the biggest supporters, and this time they will support their dad “One of the things the girls love to show (Matthew) is the new part of their routine,’’ Kelly said.

“So they’ll all line up and do it for him probably way too many times, and that’s like his break from studying is watching his little girls." Kelly Stafford also spoke about the difficulties of raising four girls, but also about the marital problems that existed at the time.

'I feel like the last person on your list right now. I’m the last person that you come to. I’m the last person that you respond to.’ “We both had to take a step back. Even him, too, and just be like, ‘OK, where are we going wrong on this?’ And it was really me just trying to keep up with the demands of everything else that my husband’s overall well-being wasn’t a priority anymore."

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