Mike McDaniel, Miami Dolphins coach, denies ‘red flags’ over Flores ’lawsuit


Mike McDaniel, Miami Dolphins coach, denies ‘red flags’ over Flores ’lawsuit
Mike McDaniel, Miami Dolphins coach, denies ‘red flags’ over Flores ’lawsuit

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel recently began his adventure in the Miami Dolphins. However, Miami's previous coach, Brian Flores, decided to sue the club for a variety of reasons. Skysports reporters wondered if that had any impact on McDaniel to consider a new job "Red flags? I can honestly say there was absolutely no red flags, and the reason why was because I was stepping into an organisation with a boss that I don't think people give it its proper due," said McDaniel, as quoted by skysports As he says, he is satisfied with the situation and with the club president "When I walked in that door, you look at every single detail within this building, you look at the people that are hired, you look at just all the extents that there is nothing there is no cost too high for winning for (Ross)." "When you're in multiple organisations, you realise that's not always the case.

The city of Miami really is lucky to have an owner that right, wrong or indifferent, all he cares about is winning. And as a coach, that's all you're literally looking for. That's all. So red flags? No, there's no red flags for me."

McDaniel on his job

McDaniel seems to love this job, and enjoys it "Any man standing at a podium like this would be honored.

It is a tremendous accomplishment and you'd feel great about that," said McDaniel. "But that's not why you get into coaching standing at this podium. You get into coaching because you love to coach football, you love to teach and you love to make people better." Apparently he intends to stay at the club for a long time, and make a big story out of it.

We'll see if it works "That's exactly who I am, who I have been and who I will be as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins."

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