Troy Aikman will leave Fox Sports for ESPN's 'Monday Night

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Troy Aikman will leave Fox Sports for ESPN's 'Monday Night
Troy Aikman will leave Fox Sports for ESPN's 'Monday Night (Provided by Financial World)

Troy Kenneth Aikman could replace FOX for ESPN. Aikman is one of the most famous analysts and gained his greatest fame as an analyst for FOX where he worked for 22 years. It seems that Aikman could make a lot more money in ESPN, so it is not surprising if he changes the environment.

Aikman is one of the best television sportscasters, whose comments further enhance the game we love. Many will agree that the games we watch would not have such popularity without him. Troy Aikman will sign a contract with ESPN for 4 years and he will comment on Monday Night Football.

We will see how he copes in the new environment, but given the experience he has, he will have no problem continuing to do what he knows best. "Aikman's deal is not completed yet, but there is an expectation that it will be finalized.

Aikman has also been courted by Amazon. The exact figures of Aikman’s deal are not yet fully finalized, but for him to leave Fox it is expected to be comparable to or exceed Tony Romo’s 10-year $ 180 million with CBS.

”- as quoted by nyposts There is a lot of reaction on Twitter after such a move, and many believe Aikman made a mistake, but he seems to have other priorities. It will be strange to watch FOX without him.

Troy Aikman quotes

Troy Aikman is known for some of his quotes, which may have a connection to his move; "I believe success is achieved by acquiring and developing talented, respected and credible individuals." "Working with someone who's got your best interest at heart can make all the difference." “I’m constantly just trying to improve myself.

What I learned very early in my playing career was that I needed to go back and watch the games to critique with a really critical ear, my own performance." "So, I would go back and listen to the games to try to figure out for myself: Did that work? Why did that work? Did that sequence work? What did I not like about that? I take that mentality into every role in life, including broadcasting, as well. ”- he said, as quoted by millyuns