Jerry York retires from Boston College!


Jerry York retires from Boston College!

Boston College’s Jerry York has made the decision to retire. After spending 28 years in Boston, he decided this was the current best decision for him and the team. York has given a lot to this sport, he has broken many records and shown that he is a top expert.

However, the fact that he is the winning coach in NCAA men's hockey history attracts the most attention. Impressive statistics! York has thought a lot about his decision and is happy for the years he has spent in the sport.

"I have been thinking about the possibility of retiring during the past several weeks and it just seemed to me to be the right time to do so," York said in a statement, as quoted by ESPN "I am so blessed to have been involved with Boston College these past 28 years and to have had the opportunity to coach so many wonderful student-athletes."

Boyle on York

Former BC forward Brian Boyle revealed York's way of working and how much he wanted them to succes.

"The best thing he did was create a standard of how he expected us to carry ourselves as men. And if we weren't ready to be men, we learned very quick the right way to do things. If you weren't doing what was expected, you were made aware of it by a teammate, and that's the culture he developed," Boyle told ESPN "Besides that, he loved being at the rink.

It was evident he loved the game and Boston College. I'm so fortunate I was able to spend four years under Coach York." Athletic director Patrick Kraft stressed the importance of York and its work. "It is difficult to put into words all that Jerry York means to Boston College," athletic director Patrick Kraft said in the statement. "He is a legend and one of the classiest individuals to ever coach in college sports."