Toronto Leafs skipper John Tavares: Unfortunately I went through something like that

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Toronto Leafs skipper John Tavares: Unfortunately I went through something like that

The Toronto Maple Leafs skipper John Tavares has delighted his team's fans as he returns to the hockey field after a break of almost a year, which followed a knee injury that looked very dangerous at the time. He is now fully ready for the next match and the next challenges that will follow.

Tavares is aware that it will not be easy to return after everything he has been through, but he is happy and grateful for the opportunity he got again, and we hope that John will use his chance in the right way. “I think you get perspective going through something like that, just getting another opportunity,” Tavares said, as quoted by

“I’m really fortunate and looking forward to it. It’s a special time of year and I’m very fortunate for the opportunity and not taking it for granted”.

Tavares on his injury and next opponent

Of course, it is not easy to bear the fact that you will not be on the field for so long, but Tavares tried to accept that, and he was aware that he could not change things.

Now is the ideal chance to make up for missed matches. “Unfortunately I went through something like that, but it is what it is and (I) just accepted it. (You) move forward and try to get better for it. (It) just gives you an appreciation for playing the game and doing what we can do”.

Tampa Bay Lightning are the next opponents that look compact and good. His team will not have an easy task and will have to give their best. He added: “Clearly, obviously, a very good team. We all know what they’ve accomplished in the last number of years, the depth they have, the firepower, and goaltending.

So obviously they’re very deep, very proven and a heck of a test for us”. Many can’t wait to see him on the field again as he is one of the key players.

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