Ryan Ellis on the injury details: That's part of the whole reason it took forever

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Ryan Ellis on the injury details: That's part of the whole reason it took forever

Ryan Ellis seems ready for next season and the challenges that follow, and his return could begin next season. "It wasn't just one thing fix all," he said for NHL.com "That was the problem, trying to figure out what's going on.

It had multiple levels of what the problem was. We have a plan, everyone's very comfortable and happy with the plan. I'm excited to be ready for training camp. It's going to be a long summer getting through it all but I'm excited."

It took doctors a while to figure out what the problem was, given that the injury was not common, but there seemed to be no need for surgery. "The different things that are going on, nothing is broke enough to do surgery on," Ellis continued.

"That's part of the whole reason it took forever," he said. "Not that it's rare, but it hasn't been a problem in a lot of people. That's part of the reason it took so long to figure out what's going on, then to make a plan on how to fix it."

Injury and mental impact

All this affected him mentally and it was not easy for him, but from next month he will start his preparations. "It was a very frustrating year. The hardest thing is the mental and emotional [stress] it's put on me and my family.

... I want to play here, I want to be here, I'm very excited. I came in very excited. I'm still just as excited. The big thing is I need to play and I want to play. The next month or so I plan to start getting more and more active in the gym," Ellis said.

"Skating is my job so I wouldn't doubt (if) a couple weeks later I get on the ice and get moving again. It's just a process that needs to unfold. ... Ramp it up in July, August and get going for camp."