Philadelphia Flyers fire Mike Yeo as head coach

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Philadelphia Flyers fire Mike Yeo as head coach

The Philadelphia Flyers made an interesting decision and decided to fire Mike Yeo, who was promoted from the role of assistant to the role of the coach in December last year. The club has failed to achieve its ambitions, but Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher believes Yeo is still a good expert and has given his best in a difficult situation.

“I met with Mike yesterday and I advised him he won’t be our head coach for next season,” Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher said, as quoted by “We dealt Mike a really tough hand. He’s a good coach.

I thought he did a really good job under the circumstances. He kept our players competing and playing hard to the end”.

Mike Yeo: New job

Mike Yeo will now have the freedom to choose a new job. Such an expert can be useful to most teams and his experience and knowledge will be very important.

“He’s free to speak to other teams right now and see what options are there,” Fletcher said. “Depending on how things go over the next six weeks on his end, our end, I’d love to find an opportunity, whether it’s in coaching, player development, front office, scouting.

He’s a good hockey man. He has a lot of experience, a lot of good ideas, obviously has a lot of first-hand information on our players and the environment”. Fylers will now have to think carefully about the options they have because they are aware of the importance of the new decision.

Some candidates are in the game, and in the end, only one will be the winner. "We're going to put together an ideal candidate profile. At this stage all options are open. Once we build that candidate profile, we'll start reaching out to candidates," he said. "Clearly, we have to drill down on what we're looking for."