NHL player made fans cry with an emotional message about the end of his career!

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NHL player made fans cry with an emotional message about the end of his career!

Patrick Marleau has saddened all NHL fans with the news that he has decided to retire after 23 years of his career. He also revealed when he made the decision that it was time to end his career. "Probably just a couple of weeks ago”- Marleau said, as quoted by firstsportz.

“I think I knew I was going to retire a long time ago. But I finally built up enough courage to get up here and speak. And now it’s my retirement”. In an emotional message to the Players Tribune, he emphasized that he had realized a dream he had dreamed of as a boy.

“Who knows what the world has in store for me? “If you would have told that kid on the frozen pond that he would break a games-played record held by none other than Gordie Howe, he would have thought you were crazy”.

“It was never something I aimed for; it was just me loving this game so much that I never, ever wanted to hang up my skates”.

New life chapter

Now a new chapter in life awaits him that he must prepare for. It’s hard to leave everything after such a long career, but obviously that’s the best decision at the moment.

“A lot harder than I thought it was going to be”. “I think a lot of people sometimes say, ‘Oh, you know, everything’s OK.’ But it’s been difficult. I mean, I’ve played this game pretty much all my life and I love it.

I’m getting whole new-found respect for my wife and my family and all the things that they had to go through when I was gone, just the day-to-day. “But it’s my new challenge and what I’m looking forward to doing now, so I can’t wait to become the best father and husband I can be”.