Eric Johnson: When I first got to Colorado, the team was dead last

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Eric Johnson: When I first got to Colorado, the team was dead last

The Colorado Avalanche have impressed the entire NHL public as they will play in the Stanley Cup final. Fans and players are overjoyed. Captain Gabriel Landeskog had an interesting statement after all:
"I'd probably be lying if I told you I thought we'd be here one day in the 2016-17 season," Landeskog said, as quoted by ESPN.

"That was as close to rock bottom as you can come. But at the same time, we showed our resiliency. And then you start making the playoffs and you start believing, then you start seeing progress and start moving. Job's not done, and it's going to be another tough series, but we'll get some rest here and get ready to go."

Defenseman Eric Johnson is delighted and hardly anyone could have expected to come about this, given that the club used to be in big trouble. "When I first got to Colorado, the team was dead last," Johnson said.

"Had some up-and-down years after that, and we've been knocking on the door here the last couple years. Just soaking it all in and trying to embrace the moment and just having a lot of fun. You just never know when that opportunity's going to come.

It's been [857] games, 15 years. I've waited a long time to have an opportunity to have a chance to play for a Cup. I saw the puck in, I was just so happy. "I was excited, so excited."

Landeskog and Rantanen

Landeskog spoke of his relationship with Johnson: "He's been there since my first training camp," Landeskog said.

"He was my first roommate on the road. And now we're sitting here 11 years later and we're going to the [Final]. Rantanen was happy after his team's 6-5 win over the Edmonton Oilers. "We've been down going into the third a couple goals, and we always stick with it," Rantanen said.

"It's what we talked about. We just have to put the second period past us and get over it, and we know if we play our game, we can create chances and come back in games. I'm just happy that we did. It's just our strong mentality on the team."