Ryan Miller on Buffalo Sabers: They've stayed patient. I think that's the key

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Ryan Miller on Buffalo Sabers: They've stayed patient. I think that's the key

Although Ryan Miller has not been with Buffalo Sabers for a long time, he believes that this team has a good future despite the poor results this season. "I've paid attention a little bit, and I think they're making good progress, they're making the right decisions," said Miller, as quoted by NHL.com He thinks it's great for the team to have patience for young players, and a good future lies ahead.

Their focus is on young players, and that can sometimes be a winning combination. "They've stayed patient. I think that's the key: stay patient, let the players develop the right way. That's what helped so many teams you see performing at a high level.

They have guys and obviously they're blessed with great talent, but it takes a little bit of time also."

Ryan Miller: They've got prospects

Miller hopes that his former team will progress even further, and that they will get out of the crisis.

He thinks it is good that the club is a mix of young and experienced players. We will see if they can come back and show its strength, but it takes time for a good result. "I think the Sabres are trying to do things the right way, watching from afar," Miller said.

"They've got prospects, they've got good veterans that they look like they want to hold onto. So yeah, you've just got to get that feeling. Any team can go out and win right now. I think if you have the talent to make it happen, you've just got to have that mojo and vibe.

Hopefully they're getting back to that, because certainly that's what defined our teams. We had a group of veterans and a group of young guys. We had a good mix. There was a belief more than anything."