Gabriel Landeskog on lifting the Stanley Cup trophy: I've visualized it quite a bit

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Gabriel Landeskog on lifting the Stanley Cup trophy: I've visualized it quite a bit

Gabriel Landeskog has the biggest wish and that is to win the Stanley Cup. He will have a chance to do that, and he has imagined many times lifting the trophy. "Yeah, I've visualized it quite a bit, especially the last six weeks or so," the captain of the Colorado Avalanche said.

"I mean, it's -- I wouldn't say constantly on your mind, but it's something, you know, you put your head on the pillow at night, it's definitely something you think about and visualize and dream about.

You know you've got to snap yourself out of that."

Mental aspect of the game

The mental aspect in every sport can sometimes be the most important, especially in the finals. The finals carry a lot of pressure, especially for young players, and a leader like Landeskog is a must in such matches.

We’ll see how much his team can in the final against Tampa Bay Lightning. Both teams have shown extreme quality this season, they have top players, and the nuances could decide who will lift the trophy. "I've always let myself dream and always let my mind go there if it wants to," Landeskog said.

"But it's important to be able to snap out of it as well and get to today and what I can control today, and I think that's what I talk about, the tough part of the playoffs and the mental grind of the playoffs.

I mean, that's it, not to let yourself get too far ahead. That's what we talked about with our group: staying in the moment, staying focused on what we can do. But yeah, I mean, I'd be lying if I told you I haven't been thinking about it." The match will be played on Wednesday at Ball Arena in Denver. Most expect a tough match, with a lot of caution.