Teammates and coaches about Nikita Kucherov: He wants his play to speak

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Teammates and coaches about Nikita Kucherov: He wants his play to speak

Nikita Kucherov and Tampa Bay Lightning will be in the Stanley Cup final for the third season in a row. Nikita Kucherov commented on such a feat: "It means a lot," Kucherov said. "Not many teams have done that before, and to be one of them is huge.

We're really happy with the result, but we still have more important games ahead." Jon Cooper praised Kucherov and believes he is a key player for his team. Kucherov has shown that many times, and in the finals, you need players like him.

"He's been an electrifying player," coach Jon Cooper said. "He's got two Stanley Cup rings. I think when teams go that far each team has those type of players on them, and that's what 'Kuch' is.

He's a unique, special talent, but anytime when you're the last team standing, there's a player on each team or maybe two [who is a] gamebreaker, and he's one of them for us."

Andre Tourigny on Nikita Kucherov

His former coach, Andre Tourigny spoke of Kucher in a positive context.

Kucherov played under Tourigny as a teenager, but even then it was clear that he was a top talent. "He was seeing things no one else was seeing," Tourigny said. "He was thinking the game way ahead of everybody.

When we had a discussion, him and I, it was really next level. It was not like other junior players where you teach fundamentals and stuff. He was really seeing the game with an IQ way above everybody, and he was really fun to coach."

Tourigny also talked about his character and how good a person Kucher really is. "Really humble," Tourigny said. "He wants his play to speak. He doesn't want to attract all the attention. He wants it by his play, not by him talking."