NHL Commissioner reveals plans for next season: Find out what's new

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NHL Commissioner reveals plans for next season: Find out what's new

The NHL plans to return to the usual calendar after the changes caused by the corona pandemic. The season will begin in October Commissioner Gary Bettman has revealed NHL plans for the future. "After two-and-a-half years, things are actually feeling normal," Commissioner Bettman said for nhl.com "We're only a couple of weeks later than usual on the calendar."

The NHL is expected to increase its revenue. "In fact, our revenues this season will be a record-high and within two, possibly creeping into three years we are anticipating resuming the more regular increases that the people had been growing to expect from the salary cap," Commissioner Bettman said.

Salary cap

The salary cap next season should be between $ 1 million to $ 82.5 million. "What we've done is we've operated, we've done the fundamentals of our business, we continued to put on NHL hockey over the most difficult of circumstances and all of our partners, whether it's corporate or media partners, were extraordinarily pleased with the result," Commissioner Bettman said.

"It is the cooperation and collaboration with the players and the Players' Association that made that possible. We able to stabilize the business and power through. "It didn't mean that at times there weren't challenges.

It didn't mean that at time we didn't have to adjust. … But we did what we had to do to get through it."
The 2022 NHL Awards in Tampa will be the first award show after 2019. Things are finally getting normal, and everything will look better now.

"That all sounds pretty normal and normal after the last two-and-a-half years feels pretty great," Commissioner Bettman said. "Our league is strong, the strongest that it has ever been. Our clubs are strong and stable, the strongest and most stable they've ever been, our business is thriving and our game on the ice is sensational."