Pat Maroon: It's crazy to me what's happening right now

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Pat Maroon: It's crazy to me what's happening right now

Pat Maroon is close to a new record. Namely, he could become the first man to win the Stanley Cup 4 seasons in a row. Maroon is impressed with what he has succeeded in his career.
"One seems crazy to me," Maroon said for"Just to be a part of one is remarkable.

There are guys that go years and play in the NHL 10, 12 years and don't even get to the Stanley Cup Final let alone get to the conference final. It's the hardest trophy to win in all sports, and to just win one is remarkable and crazy to me.

"And my first one with my hometown team. It's crazy about what our Tampa Bay Lightning have been through. There's no give up in our team. We give it everything we've got every single night, and that's why our team's had success these last few years."

Maroon's career

Maroon can’t believe what kind of career he has built. "I just can't pinpoint words for it," Maroon said. "I've said the word, 'crazy.' It's just crazy to me. When you sit back and when your career is all over and everything's all settled down, everything hits you at once.

It just seems like it's been so fast with COVID and a short season last year. "I was home in St. Louis last year for six weeks (in the offseason), and the time before that I was in St. Louis for five weeks, so I've never had time to really just go put my feet up for three months at a time and realize just what's happened."

Maroon is happy for his team that has shown quality this season and will now have a huge motivation to come up with a new title. It won’t be easy, but the quality is here. "It happens fast," he said. "I can't believe we're back here again.

I can't believe we just finished another 82-game season and three rounds of playoffs and we're back to where we were the last two years. … It's crazy to me what's happening right now. I'm fortunate to [have been] part of two great hockey clubs, but to be a part of this group the last three years has been fun and just the way we handle things."