Andrew Cogliano's speech the main reason for the victory of the Colorado Avalanche?

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Andrew Cogliano's speech the main reason for the victory of the Colorado Avalanche?

Andrew Cogliano gave a speech after his team's fifth game in the Stanley Cup finals, which motivated the Colorado Avalanche players to come together and win in the sixth. Avalanche goaltender Darcy Kuemper also revealed what Cogliano said: “He just said, ‘Stay in the moment”.

“He addressed how he felt last game and I think we all resonated with that, where we were maybe looking a little ahead and thinking about this [Cup-winning celebration], thinking about this rather than being in the moment.

You know, to hear it come from him, everyone was in agreement. I think that really helped us just come out and play our game”. Andrew Cogliano was overjoyed after winning the final. “It was more just, we’ve worked so hard to get here playing the right way, let’s be in the moment, win or lose, no regrets.

And that message was pushed by our leaders”. “At the end of the day, the captain, and the assistant captains, those guys are a big reason we’re here”.

Bednar after the match

Bednar is happy about the talent of his team.

Some other players were the main motivation for all. "You could feel a sense of relief, some of the nervous tension that we had at home and focus was back”. “So, I had a pretty good feeling about tonight because they called that meeting.

Those guys said what they said”. Avalanche defenceman said, “When a guy like that talks, you listen”. “He spoke to us, it was him and ‘Landy’ [Landeskog] and ‘Nate’ [MacKinnon], basically just calmed the guys down and made sure that, regardless of the outcome, we just put it all out there and see where the game lies”.

“ That’s kind of where our minds were at throughout this whole game. Our mentality was just to win that period, win that next shift, and so on. We were never looking too far ahead to the outcome. We definitely feel like we earned that one, for sure”.