Xavier Bourgault on the injury and plans for the next season

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Xavier Bourgault on the injury and plans for the next season

Xavier Bourgault is recovering from a core muscle injury. The prospect is the big hope of his team, and he also spoke about his injury to NHL.com "It wasn't as bad as it looked," Bourgault said. "I felt good after a day or two and would have kept playing if they didn't cancel the tournament."

Bourgault also has certain plans that he is trying to achieve, but we will see if he will succeed. "It's a short summer, I'll have a chance to rest, I'll get some treatments here and I'll get a chance to work out," Bourgault said.

"I have the choice to make pretty soon whether to play at the world junior. I have a big summer of working out going into my first year pro (season) and I want to be ready for it. I'm going to have to be ready for a big year."


He hopes to have a place in the team this season. "I think last year, I had two good exhibition games with the Oilers, and I look at their lineup and they have good veteran players," he said, "but I think there is some opportunity for me and younger guys to push for a spot.

"It's good for our team to have some young players and to get some experience for the future. For sure, we think we can help the veteran players that are already there. We saw during the (Stanley Cup Playoffs) they are very close to a championship here."

Bourgault had great stats at Shawinigan the previous season. "It was a pretty special team," Bourgault said. "I remember at 16 years old I was talking with [Bourque] and said it would be fun to go to the Memorial Cup and play against guys like Jake Neighbours (No.

26, St. Louis Blues, 2020), who we were with at the Canadian U-17 camp together. And it was good to end my junior career at the Memorial Cup, playing with a lot of guys that I know. It was pretty special."