Ty Young, drafter by Vancouver Canucks: "It doesn't feel real"

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Ty Young, drafter by Vancouver Canucks: "It doesn't feel real"
Ty Young, drafter by Vancouver Canucks: "It doesn't feel real"

Ty Young is delighted with the new challenge he will have in his career. This 17-year-old was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks. What is impressive is that Vancouver is his favorite team since he was a boy. That's exactly why Young couldn't hide his happiness.

Even as a boy, he watched Daniel Sedin and Roberto Luongo. "It doesn't feel real," Young said, as quoted by nhl.com "I feel like I'm living in a dream. It's a crazy feeling to be able to just look across the ice and there they are, or when they sat and had dinner with us.

It's not like they're like so far away anymore on the TV screen. You're actually talking to them."

Clark on Ty Young

Clark thinks Young has a lot to learn. He has enormous quality and talent, but there are also shortcomings that he will have to work on.

However, Young is 17 years old and there is a lot of work and effort ahead of him. "He's one of the rare Canadian wild horses," Clark said. "I've used that term before referring to Eastern European goalies that have underlying talent, but aren't yet over-programed structurally, and I think he falls into that category.

"He has a lot of those underlying elements we believe are the crown jewels of [that] position and now that he's in our stable we have an opportunity to really get to work on some of those other more tangible elements." Young also revealed what the first meeting with Clark was like.

"When I first got here, he brought up my ego a little but once we got on the ice it kind of went back down," said Young. "He's a crazy good goalie coach and he's got an awesome pedigree, so I'm just trying to take everything in and hopefully I can become a better goalie."

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