Johnny Gaudreau after signing $68.25 million contract: It’s been a crazy month

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Johnny Gaudreau after signing $68.25 million contract: It’s been a crazy month

Johnny Gaudreau signed one of the biggest contracts in the NHL. Namely, Gaudreau signed a contract with Columbus Blue Jackets for 7 years, and it will amount to $68.25 million. Gaudreau is delighted with the outcome of the situation and is aware that this is a big deal for him and his career.

However, he is now on vacation and does not want to bother himself too much with everything that happened. “It’s been a crazy month,” Gaudreau said, as quoted by “Obviously right now just spending time with my family, enjoying the summer, seeing friends and people I don’t get to see throughout the year, so it’s been pretty mellow for now."

Johnny is happy about the next challenge in his career. And the team management is happy because of what they managed to agree with him. This will be a big deal for these parties. “It’s been a whirlwind. It’s been a crazy two months here.

It’s exciting and we’re really looking forward to getting out to Columbus and starting this next little chapter of our life”.

Johnny Gaudreau on his teammates

He is excited about his new teammates and team.

"I'm super excited obviously to meet all the guys. Brand new team, a lot of new faces that are part of the organization. I know a lot of players there too, I played with a lot of them, have a little bit of familiarity there."

Gaudreau also revealed whether he is particularly excited to play with any of the players. NFL reporters cited Patrik Laine as an example. "You never know what the lines are going to be. Obviously, he's a really skilled player, he's got a great shot, and if I'm playing with him it's going to be great.

I'll try to find him as much as I can, but there's a lot of guys on that team that are really, really talented. There's a lot of young kids that are coming up that have been drafted that are part of the organization that are pretty good too, so I'm really looking forward to it."