Miami Dolphins' VP of communications Jason Jenkins dies at 47

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Miami Dolphins' VP of communications Jason Jenkins dies at 47

Jason Jenkins, Miami Dolphins' senior vice president of communications, has died at the age of 47. He had a great influence in the team and was one of the favorite characters. There are many condolence messages after his death.

Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel could not hide his emotions and expressed his sadness after the death of Jenkins. "This was a healthy, healthy guy that just brought it every day. ... Just full of life," a Mike McDaniel said for "That's the hardest part.

There's just no words to describe. He has a great family. His wife's awesome, and his children. It's tough. It's a tough one to swallow. He will be missed. He will not be forgotten, I can tell you that much." Dolphins owner Stephen Ross had a great collaboration with Jenkins.

Ross is also saddened by the sudden death of his colleague, and is aware of how much of a loss this is for the club and the NHL world. "I am heartbroken," Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said. "Jason Jenkins was an icon in the Miami community, and above all a kind and incredible family man."

Tom Garfinke expressed his condolence

Dolphins' vice chairman, president and CEO Tom Garfinke emphasized how good a person Jenkins was who left a positive impression on everyone.

He was at the club for 14 years and showed that he is one of the best in his job. "Our hearts are broken and grieving the loss of a man who was a dear friend and beloved by so many people," Dolphins vice chairman, president and CEO Tom Garfinkel said.

"Jason faithfully served the Dolphins organization for 14 years, was a beacon in the community, a trailblazer and champion for others, and above all, treated people with a kindness and dignity that left a lasting mark on everyone he met." There will certainly be a big emptiness after the death of such an important man of the Miami Dolphins.

With his work and work, he left a great impression on everyone, and he will be remembered as one of the most positive persons.