Shane Doan on his son, Josh: "It's exciting when your son kind of moves on to.."

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Shane Doan on his son, Josh: "It's exciting when your son kind of moves on to.."

Josh Doan felt the pressure during his entire career, given that he is the son of the legendary Shane Doan. Josh is happy that some of his dreams are slowly coming true. "My whole life I've been putting the '19' on the back of my jersey for my dad, just cheering him on," Josh Doan said, as quoted by "Now, to finally have my own number and to be part of the organization myself, it's really cool to experience.

There is nowhere I'd rather be." Shane Doan is excited about his son and the next step he has taken in his career. It is certain that he also expects a lot from Josh. "You get excited about the opportunity to have him chase his dream and kind of do what he wants," Shane Doan said.

"As a dad, yeah, without a doubt [it's exciting] when your son kind of moves on to the next level. There's always an element of excitement, of the unknown."

Arizona State

He will probably be part of the Coyotes' training camp, but his return to Arizona State is expected.

"What ASU is doing right now, it's not the worst option to develop there," Doan said. New. 25 and Nov. 26 will be an important moment because then ASU plays against the University of Minnesota "I think that's definitely circled on the calendar," Doan said.

"We're excited for that game, and I think we're ready to show them that we're a team that can compete with those kind of teams. It should be a fun weekend." The father is satisfied with his son and what he has shown so far.

"He's probably surpassed me in a lot of things and can do things that I could never do," Shane Doan said. "He holds on to the puck and protects the puck really well. It's a skill that serves you really well. He's got a great hockey IQ."