Tage Thompson extends his contract with the Buffalo Sabres for 7 years!

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Tage Thompson extends his contract with the Buffalo Sabres for 7 years!

Tage Thompson is an important player for the Buffalo Sabres. Precisely for this reason, the club trusted him and decided to extend the contract with Thompson for seven years. Tage will earn a huge amount of money, more precisely 50 million dollars, which would be about 7 million dollars annually.

Thompson arrived at the Sabers in 2020 and showed that he is a top player. Sabers general manager Kevyn Adams is delighted after this deal, given that he is familiar with the qualities of his player. Thompson will be an important element in the next season.

"Tage Thompson embodies the pride we expect from every player who wears the Buffalo Sabres sweater," Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams said as quoted by NHL.com "His success last season is a testament to his unrelenting dedication to his craft and commitment to bettering the team both on and off the ice, which we believe will help us reach even greater heights moving forward."

Tage Thompson on his arrival: This is a place I want to be

Thompson emphasized that he is happy with the Sabres.

Tage has shown many times how mature he is and how much he means to the team. Thompson is grateful for the opportunity the club gave him and will give his best in the coming seasons. "This is a place I want to be at for a very long time," he said May 1. "I want to be a guy that helps this team win and make the playoffs and win a Stanley Cup, and obviously those are all just words and you've got to put that into action.

There is a positive atmosphere in the team, and they hope for good results in the future. "I'm excited to be a guy that's a Buffalo Sabre and I think we've got lot of guys in the room that feel the same way about our team as I do." The team management is optimistic about the future of the club and it seems that they have some other plans in mind.