Connor McDavid on his ambitions before the new season

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Connor McDavid on his ambitions before the new season

Connor McDavid is cautious before the start of the new season. The Edmonton Oilers have serious ambitions, given that they played in the Western Conference finals last season. "We really only won one more game than we did in 2017," he said for "It feels like we were closer last year than the previous year, but it was one win.

We still have a long way to go and we know that. It takes everybody and it takes all season long. I'm just looking forward to getting going, and being back here to see everybody." The Colorado Avalanche was still a tough challenge for them in the playoff.

"You look at little bit of what Colorado had, they had a lot of injuries, they had a lot of things go against them and they just took everything in stride and ultimately were the last ones standing," McDavid said. "It takes everybody, it takes a whole organization and it's good to get everybody under one roof here."

New season

They are excited about the new season and want to be even better.

"There is lots of expectations this year, both outside and in the locker room," McDavid said. "Last year was a step forward, but we're going to come in here and start all over again and build on what we accomplished last year.

Nothing is for free in this league, we certainly know that and we're just excited to get things going." He emphasized the main difference compared to 2017. "I think it's turning more into a culture," McDavid said. "Every season, a team seems to catch fire and that's their year and it kind of fizzles out.

I think we're building a culture here in Edmonton and it translates from year to year. It's the same core guys every year that are setting the tempo and pace and kind of leading the way. I think that's kind of the difference [from 2017]."