Jakob Chychrun wants a trade from the Arizona Coyotes: The time flies by

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Jakob Chychrun wants a trade from the Arizona Coyotes: The time flies by

Jakob Chychrun wants to be traded from the Arizona Coyotes. There is still no indication that this will happen. Chychrun had something to say: "The team approached me a couple of times, one before the [2021-22 season], one early in the season and we just had discussions about where I was mentally and where the team was at," Chychrun said Wednesday, as quoted by NHL.com "Knowing the type of competitor and person that I am, they indicated if this rebuild was going to be hard or difficult on me that, if I wanted to be in a different situation, they were going to be willing to and make that happen." Chychrun has certain ideas in his head that he wants to fulfill in the coming period.

"[I] decided to take them up on that offer and try to move on to a better situation [because of] my desire to to win in this league. Careers are so short, the time flies by, and I'm in my seventh year in the NHL. It's just crazy.

I don't want these years to keep going by and be 10, 12 years in and not had a real good chance at not only the playoffs, but winning the Stanley Cup. That's really my mentality and where I'm at and I think the team understands that, to get moved to a situation with a chance to win and a team that's fighting for the Stanley Cup."

Bill Armstrong on Chychrun: You'd be crazy to move him

Coyotes general manager Bill Armstrong said in March: "Well, if you think about it, he's a No.

1 [defenseman] ... with a team-friendly contract and someone that generated 18 goals the year before, so he has a lot of impact on your team," Coyotes general manager said." You'd be crazy to move him unless it moved your team forward."