Matty Beniers and Shane Wright: Two important players!

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Matty Beniers and Shane Wright: Two important players!

Matty Beniers and Shane Wright are two young guys from whom the Seattle Kraken has high expectations. One was a No. 2 pick in the draft (2021), while Wright was a No.4 pick (2022) "We're both still so young but I think we're both excited for what's to come, ready for whatever tasks are going to get thrown at us," Beniers said, as quoted by "Whether we do well or we fail, we're going to be doing it together, so it'll be fun." "It's great getting to know Matty," Wright said at the showcase.

"To be able to build that relationship with him and get to know him a lot better has been awesome. He's a great guy off the ice and on the ice as well."

Dave Hakstol on Matty Beniers

Coach Dave Hakstol commented on Matty Beniers.

"Matty came in and he looked comfortable," coach Dave Hakstol. "Obviously under a fair bit of spotlight in Seattle, he came in and he played very well. He's very comfortable with who he is as a person, as a player [and] that showed on the ice.

... There's going to be ups and downs as he grows as a player, but we're really confident in his ability to come in and be a real good player for us right away. A lot of that is both his maturity as well as his ability." Beniers worked hard to be ready for the season.

"I feel a lot stronger," he said. "I was able to put on weight. Now the thing is making sure you keep the weight and doing the right things not just in the offseason but in the season, eating well, working out, whether it's after games, after practice, making sure you get in there.

It's all kind of in the transition of becoming a pro, all those things those guys do so well."