Carey Price: "My rehab hasn't been successful so far"

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Carey Price: "My rehab hasn't been successful so far"

Carey Price, despite rumors that he might retire, still doesn't know what will happen in the future. "We'll have to take it step by step," Price said, as quoted by "I don't have a plan to retire right at this moment.

Right now, my goal is to be pain free from day to day. I'm still having some issues getting up and down stairs, carrying my kids up and down stairs is difficult, so my first priority is to get my body in a place to where I'm pain-free in my day-to-day living and go from there." The recovery process is still ongoing, and things are unusual.

"My rehab hasn't been successful so far," he said. "I've talked to several people who have had this type of injury. It has taken over a year for them to feel normal. I'm still holding out hope. There's a possibility I go for another injection.

That surgery is a little bit worrisome for me."

Gallagher on Carey Price

Montreal forward Brendan Gallagher is ready to support his teammate. "We're here to support whatever decision he makes," Gallagher said. "He's earned that opportunity.

He's earned that right and everything he's done for this city, this franchise, you know everyone's going to give him that opportunity. So it's totally for him to handle." Price is a man who does not want to give up and is ready to do everything he can to get back.

"There's that outside hope of a miracle happening that I could maybe come back and play at some point," Price said. "I've always been a bit of an optimist so I'm not giving up, and definitely not giving up on winning a Stanley Cup in some aspect, in whatever position that would be." The 2021 Stanley Cup Final and the loss is still a wound.

"It's frustrating, no question. You go from the Stanley Cup Final to sitting here today. It's not a position I envisioned myself being in not too long ago," Price said. "It's been an emotional rollercoaster for myself. My kids and wife have been very supportive."