Troy Murray: I appreciate the fact that I am in this position

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Troy Murray: I appreciate the fact that I am in this position

Troy Murray spoke about his battle with cancer, which he was diagnosed with last year. "Compared to a year ago, my stamina and endurance is much better," Murray said for "It got to a point where I wasn't able to do a lot and that was frustrating for me being very active my whole life.

But I'm in a position now where I have the ability to do some things I couldn't do. I appreciate the fact that I am in this position, I don't take anything for granted at this point. Just to be able to come back and do the broadcasting, which is good mentally for me, which is also good as far as your overall health and well-being, I'm glad I've been able to be put in this position to come back."

Jonathan Toews' reaction

Jonathan Toews is happy that Murray is among them again.

"It's obviously nice to have him back and see him doing as many games as he's doing this year," Toews said Oct. 21. "He's obviously got a long history with this organization as a player but also as a voice behind this team. For me, he's been a tremendous mentor and a person I've looked up to over the years.

It's always a relief and happy to see him doing better and feeling better, so it means a lot to us to have him around." Forward Patrick Kane emphasized the importance of Murray "He's obviously a guy who's fun to see every day to talk about hockey or life in general," forward Patrick Kane said.

"I think he's a staple for this organization and kind of like 'Eddie O' (former Blackhawks forward and broadcaster Eddie Olczyk). These people who have been around so long and mean so much to the organization, going through some tougher times. It's nice to see him doing better, for sure."