Martin Brodeur's new role: I'm excited to be part of the years coming about

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Martin Brodeur's new role: I'm excited to be part of the years coming about

Martin Brodeur can be happy considering that he became the vice president of hockey operations of the New Jersey Devils. He is delighted about the opportunity and optimistic for the next period. "I'm definitely excited about the opportunity that Tom is giving me here," Brodeur said, as quoted by "Obviously, I've been working alongside him for a bit now, but now it's more in an official capacity.

With the history I have with this franchise I'm excited to be part of the years coming about, getting some success here and getting back to where the Devils are supposed to be, a winning franchise. We're on our way there. Not there yet, but it's exciting times."

Brodeur and son

Brodeur emphasized his son's influence.

"When I came back to New Jersey my little one was 9 years old or 8 years old," Brodeur said. "Now he's getting older, he's so invested in hockey, and he wants me to do this. I was reluctant to go back at it after my three years in St.

Louis, to get back full time into hockey. Now just feels like the right time. I've been around the team for two years on the hockey side and I just see a lot of growth. I love what's going on with the way the hockey operation is set up.

I want to be part of the solution, just being around. I think the time was perfect for me." Brodeur has definite plans and knows what he will do with the team. "It's something that when I was with the Blues I was talking a lot to (general manager) Doug Armstrong about and we never were able to put it together," Brodeur said.

"So when I got to the hockey side a couple years ago I mentioned it to 'Fitzy' that I think this is something that should be really important for the organization. It's hard. You go through the free agency market, you overpay for people.

You have to grow them within. To have a department that solely just looks at goalies was an important part. ... It might not pay off right now, but down the road it's going to be an important factor in why we might have a leg up on different teams."