Zach Werenski out for the rest of the season: Reactions

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Zach Werenski out for the rest of the season: Reactions

Zach Werenski made the fans sad, considering that he will probably be out for the rest of the season. The reason for this is separated shoulder and torn labrum. Defenseman Andrew Peeke had words of praise for Zach and is saddened by such things.

"[Werenski is] a special talent. You can't replace him," Peeke said, as quoted by "It's as simple as that but obviously we have to work together, playing new pairs and do what you do best, that's the biggest thing. Play to your strength and things will work out.

"Injuries will happen. That's the downfall in this game but its's an opportunity for guys to step up and try and replicate what [Werenski] can do." Blue Jackets coach Brad Larsen also reacted: "What can you do? He's gobbling [24] minutes a night.

He's a pretty important guy," Blue Jackets coach Brad Larsen said.

Larsen: Blankenburg is going to be here too

Nick Blankenburg is also one of the players who will be out. "Don't underestimate what [Blankenburg] is doing for us either," Larsen said.

"He's going to be long term here too and that was our top pairing. So, they're out. It's a tough pill to swallow this morning but you move by it. It's an opportunity for some other guys to show and we're going to see that." Three young players will now be invited to the roster.

"They want to play," Larsen said. "There's guys here that are excited to play, I'm going to tell you right now. They see what's in front of them, right? So someone has to take those minutes. You can pull a group together. It's going to be a challenge, there's no question but you've got to meet it head on. You've got to go out there and we're going to work at it."