Jake Muzzin out due to injury: Details

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Jake Muzzin out due to injury: Details

Unfortunately, Jake Muzzin will have to miss the season due to a cervical spine injury. General manager Kyle Dubas talked about the severity of the injury. "It's a really tough one for me to answer because we haven't dealt with this type of injury all too often in my experience, with it being a cervical spine injury," Dubas said, as quoted by nhl.com "He's had two notable incidents on the ice, against Columbus in 2020 at the end of Game 2 in that [Stanley Cup Qualifier] series, and this one here against Arizona.

It's not something you really want to mess around with, so unless he's 100 percent sure that this recovery time is going to allow that to settle and not be an issue, we have to do what's right for his long-term health. He's a father of two young children, a husband.

We have to make sure we're doing right by him. As important as he is as a player, his health is paramount." "It's rest, but he is going to continue to train and stay in shape and stay around the team for all the other things he adds (off the ice)," Dubas said.

Young talents

Dubas spoke about young potentials who could get a chance. "It's mostly rest and go back and see one of the specialists in Los Angeles to get a more clear picture of where it is at.""We are always looking to improve the team if we can, but I think right now in the short run, it's a great chance to really learn," Dubas said.

"We have some young defensemen in Rasmus Sandin and Timothy Liljegren who have earned some more opportunity to see how much they can handle, and whether with increased opportunity continue to elevate themselves. That'll be step one.

Step two will be identifying even if they elevate themselves, whether that is going to be enough to help us really accomplish what we want to accomplish, and then evaluate the trade market from there. Not in any real hurry to fill it because we want to see what these guys bring."