Erik Karlsson and trade: The general manager spoke

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Erik Karlsson and trade: The general manager spoke

San Jose Sharks general manager Mike Grier is ready to hear offers for Erik Karlsson. "I'll listen, but at the end of the day too, a lot will depend on Erik too," Grier said for "He's got the trade protection and [has control over] what he wants to do.

I know right now he's happy. He's happy in San Jose. His family's happy there. And we're thrilled with how he's playing." He only had words for this great player, however, there will be interesting offers. "He's a dynamic player," Grier said.

"To me, he's probably one of the three best offensive defensemen in the League, and he's been great for us. He's done everything we've asked as far as preparation, practicing, playing. He's been great. "So maybe there's a scenario where a team comes asking for him [in a trade], because I do think he's a difference-maker.

He's someone who can go out there and win you a game -- or win you a series, for that matter -- so maybe something will come up down the road. We'll see."

Mike Grier

Grier also spoke about the reasons for his player's good performances.

"I think it's just been an open line of communication," Grier said. "If he needs a day off or [has] things hockey-wise he wants to discuss, I think we've had open doors with him, and I think he just feels good about where he's at personally in his life with his family and where he's at with our relationship, where it's kind of a pretty open back and forth, give and take." They have a great relationship and are in constant contact.

"I try and stay in touch with him throughout the week, whether it's just having a cup of coffee or things like that at the practice facility or on the road," Grier said. "[I] just try to make sure I'm in touch with him and seeing how he's doing, him and some of our other veterans and things like that.