David Krejci after his team's great run: This is crazy

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David Krejci after his team's great run: This is crazy

The Boston Bruins continue their great streak after defeating the Philadelphia Flyers. David Krejci was one of the best, scoring two goals. He is delighted with the team's performance and believes that no one could have expected this.

"It's hard to win one game, but win this many games -- 17 games, 15 wins -- that's crazy," Krejci said for nhl.com "No one expected that, but we're staying even-keeled here. We were focusing on the task at hand, and we've been doing a pretty good job at it." Bruins coach Jim Montgomery commented on the match and certain mistakes of his and the opposing team.

"I think our guys were too excited to play," Bruins coach Jim Montgomery said. "Our puck movement was really good, but we were skating out of position offensively and especially defensively. We were skating out of the middle of the ice a lot, which is uncommon for us, which gave Philadelphia -- and they took advantage of it, credit to them -- but they had some really good looks."

John Tortorella on the game

Flyers coach John Tortorella believes that his team needs time, and that the team is in the process of building.

"We're still trying to build an identity. We're not there yet," Flyers coach John Tortorella said. "I see signs of it as far as how hard you have to play, the checking, the little things you need to do. But if we had an identity and we're rock-solid, we wouldn't be losing games." Foligno commented on the game system of the Bruins coach.

"I think that's what's so great about [Montgomery's] system: It's so fast, but predictable," Foligno said. "I think it's tailored to a lot of guys in the room, and I think we feel that when we are playing, we know where guys are supposed to be. You can kind of have that sixth sense, and it's dangerous."