Claude Giroux: It's about being consistent and doing it every night

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Claude Giroux: It's about being consistent and doing it every night

Claude Giroux was fantastic in his team's match against the LA Kings, and his goal brought victory to his team with a score of 3:2 "The whole goal was special," Ottawa player Thomas Chabot said as quoted by "'G,' what a move.

And, obviously, it was big for us. … To see that we can do it that way, it's big for us." Giroux is happy primarily that he had the chance to help his team, and only then because of his goal. "When you play well and you look after the game and you're happy with your game but you didn't get the result, it's easy to go off page and start doing your own thing," Giroux said.

"But it's good to know that we played the way we wanted to tonight and we have the result, so we know it works. We know we can get it done. It's about being consistent and doing it every night."

Todd McLellan on the game

Los Angeles coach Todd McLellan revealed his team's mistakes.

"We needed something because we sure didn't start the game very well," Los Angeles coach Todd McLellan said. "Power play obviously gave us some life. It gave us a chance to crawl back into the game. For as poorly as we were playing, it didn't get away on us, so that was a good thing." Alex DeBrincat is also happy about the performance of the team.

"I thought today, you know, we had a good job of getting traffic in the net and 'D' getting the puck through," Ottawa forward Alex DeBrincat said. "That's how the first goal goes in, and kind of breaks the ice there." McLellan commented on the match.

"I'm not saying that Arthur is (Washington Capitals forward Alex) Ovechkin by no means … but they both have element of a shot from that spot," McLellan said. "Obviously, different hands, and you have respect it and it opens up ice for others."