Carolina Hurricanes:Chicago Blackhawks (3:0): Reactions

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Carolina Hurricanes:Chicago Blackhawks (3:0): Reactions

The Carolina Hurricanes showed great character. They won 3-0 over the Chicago Blackhawks. Carolina coach Rod Brind'Amour emphasized that the team must look to the future and the present, and not look back on the past. "Like we said this morning, you never really look behind, whether you've won 8-9 in a row or you lost eight,"-Rod Brind'Amour said, as quoted by

"It's 'What have you done for me lately?' What's important is right in front of you. Those are the kinds of things you probably look back on and reflect on. It doesn't really matter much right now. It will probably mean more at the end of the year when we look back and [say], 'That was a good stretch and got us to hopefully where we want to be.'


Antti Raanta

Antti Raanta spoke about the mentality of the team. "Obviously, there have been a few games this year where you felt you haven't been able to make those key saves," Raanta said. "And there have been too many goals where you've been like, 'Oh, no, why did I do that?' I think that comes with too much thinking and too much worrying about something now.

The mentality today was you wanted to stay more in the moment, just worry about what's going to happen next, not worry about what happened two minutes ago or what's going to happen in five minutes. Big team win, and it's always nice to keep the clean sheet." Chicago coach Luke Richardson believes that his team had to give more.

"It's a little frustrating not to get enough offense to give Petr some scoring support he needs,"-Luke Richardson said. "I think we've got to be cleaner. Most of those shots were in the first period. I don't know if there's much we could have done better than just be a little sharper with our breakouts with the puck in the first period. I think that was pretty much the game right there."