Austin Matthews on the severity of the injury and the challenges

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Austin Matthews on the severity of the injury and the challenges

Austin Matthews has injury problems, and it is difficult to predict its severity. Matthews is back on the team, and it seems that the injury is not a big problem for him. "It's been on and off for a little while,"-Matthews said, as quoted by

"It's been manageable. … I don't feel like it's affected me to the point where I couldn't play up until just a couple days ago where it just kind of blew up on me and that's it." Matthews does not want to pay too much attention to the injury and is ready for the next challenges that await him.

"I don't think I really need to get into specifics," Matthews said. "I think it's just something that's kind of been nagging me for a little bit. It's definitely been fine to play through. I think it just kind of ramped up a little bit and so just wanted to get it to calm down.

Feeling much better, so looking forward to playing and getting in tonight."


He did not want to talk about how the injury affected him. "I think just little things, little details out there. But for myself, I just don't really focus too much on that.

I just try to get out there and play the same way no matter what throughout the season. Everybody's going to be playing with bumps and bruises and different things, so I just try to go out there and compete and do my part." Maple Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe praised Matthews and what he is showing.

"Defensively, I think he's been among the best in the League in a lot of categories,"-Sheldon Keefe said. "Obviously plays a lot for us and our team's been really good defensively. Our best guys have really led the way in that department and Auston certainly is one of them.